My husband and I finally took some time off and snuck in a road trip between California, Arizona and Vegas. It was a 7 day trip, with lots of drive and the most stunning landscapes. Today I will share with you our journey from San Frncisco to San Diego. We traveled to San Fran few years ago (visit this Link for  my pictures from out last trip to San Francisco), so this time it was a quick one night stay at the Union square and we were off to LA.

First stop, Carmel. It is a small picturesque town about two and a half hours south of San Francisco. Situated right by the sea, and old historic buildings with Spanish flare add another layer to its beauty. Clint Eastwood was the mayor if this town in the 80s! We stopped here for a brief lunch and quick stroll as we had another 6 hour journey ahead of us to LA.

Driving along the Highway 1, it is only natural to stop and admire the gorgeous sunsets of California. Endless golden light illuminating the Pacific ocean, the views are simply breathtaking. If you have more than just one day to make this journey, I would recommend a night in Big Sur. Camp out and take in this scenery without having to rush to get else where.

After a long drive to LA, we just crashed and got some good night's sleep. My husband has already seen LA, and I am not big on celebrities, so only place I wanted to visit was the "Urban Light" Lamp Post instillation at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It such a fun place I could have spend the whole day posing in front of these magnificent lamp posts. 
Then of course we the obligatory Hall of Fame walk and drive to the Griffith Observatory to see the magnificent views of the city and the Hollywood sign. BTW did you see Santa flying through LA!
Next stop, San Diego..more of that on the next post!


  1. Incredible photos! We're doing a similar trip in September, so I'm excited to see photos and read your highlights!

    1. Thanks beautiful! You'll love it! I can't wait to share rest of the trip..every city had it's own charm!

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