Mud Hut Chic

I actually blogged about this entry a while ago in my previous blog, which is no longer updated. But this has to be my most popular post from the blog that I figured I should revisit. I stumbled upon these cool "mud houses" in India, they are so chic and stylish yet so traditional..more Indian inspiration can be found on an Indian Summer blog!

I love the rustic look of these houses, which can still be found in rural villages of India. They are still so beautifully decorated. Even though it would be unrealistic and impossible to live in something like this in Canada, but I wouldn't mind taking some rustic elements from this and recreating an Indian oasis.

I love the painted entry way, and motif over the headboard, and you don't have to ben an artist to pull this one off!

Rustic furniture against white backdrop, so simple and chic

This reminds me more of Portugal than India, but nonetheless, it is about the warm fuzzy feelings we get when we see such warm colours and blue skies, can only dream of that in these long Canadian winters.

Now this is a little more intricate, the design over the headboard is made to place small oil lamps, called Diyas, can be seen almost everywhere during the Diwali festival. But back in the day they were the only source of light, which is why special nooks were created in each room and outside each door to place the Diyas.

There is nothing minimalist about this hut, and most Indian inspired things are not. Indian decor is filled with colour, texture, carvings, embroidery, you name it. But you can pick one or two things and incorporate into you home.

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