This was the first time I have ever booked through Air BNB, mainly because it has been quite a while since I have traveled to Europe. Last few trips were in the Caribbean so I never had to book any hotels. I was a bit nervous thinking that I would be staying in someone's place, but once I started searching for rooms I was impressed! To me location and decor a huge; I want to be close to the main attractions, which means usually as close to the city center as possible..and being a decor enthusiast I need a place that looks good! I am serious, we have stayed in some not so good looking hotels and it would honestly depress me. I am visual person and I need to wake up in a beautiful space. So, when I saw this beautiful Loft in the heart of the city, even though it had 3 bedrooms and we really needed just one, I still booked it! It was so stunning, and so beautifully designed that I want to one day replicate some of the architectural details in my own home. Of course, the whole place was furnished with Ikea, and that is okay, I am huge fan of Ikea because of its simple and multipurpose pieces. We arrived at 10pm so the lighting was not exactly optimal, so the first thing I did the next morning was capture every angle of our loft. The glass stairs with metal framing, the wood accents, the whole place was heaven for this decor blogger, and hubby was happy with the industrial look and minimal furnishings. Enjoy!

Home Diaries: How to add color to your Living Room

I love changing my decor regularly, but I usually play it safe and only change it up in my bedroom and bathroom. I do change my duvets regularly..and I am always switching up my bathroom accessories, but I only change my living room decor once or twice a year..and that is usually around the holidays. I guess it is just easy to switch up the decor seasonally with some soft throws and warm colored accents and you are done..but summer time decor can be a little challenging. How do you decorate without throws and candles?? I say add colour..and a lot of it! I generally keep this area fairly neutral and it works with a toddler in the house, but this is such an easy way to add some pop of colour that you don't even have to think about commitment issues. I usually have these velvet cushions in our guest room where they pop against everything white..but one evening I decided to change things up. I wanted to add some life to a dark gloomy living space (because let's face it..our summer has been nothing but dark and gloomy this year) and all I did was grab all the cushions from the guestroom and everything else colorful in the house and.. VOILA! It took me less than 15 minutes to spruce up the space! I have added links to the all the accessories I used. The best part is that because it is all accessories, you can pack everything up just as quickly when you are done with the look..or in my case when my little monster wanted to take over the living room.



I was hoping to have this post up last week, but something always came up. I have finally got a good routine working with the baby, she is finally starting to sleep better, waking up once or twice a night..which is a BIG improvement from waking up every hour!! I was losing my mind just a few weeks ago and never thought I'd sleep again. I was getting on avg of 2 hours of sleep each night. Looking back it turns out it was probably because she was teething and I was dealing with the 8 month sleep regression.  Combine that with gloomy miserable weather, and the whole circus that followed with Donald Trump's inauguration..I basically went into a mild depression! But..the days are getting longer, we are almost half way through February which means spring is around the corner, and the baby is getting better at sleeping! She cut her first two teeth (yes a bit late), learned to stand on her own and started feeding herself all in one week!! Hallelujah!
Soo this means I can finally find a moment to sit down and share our Master floor with you guys! The third floor was basically divided into two rooms separated by closets..and for some reason one room had a sink in it! I am guessing it was being rented at one point and was a kitchenette of some sort up  there. We decided to removed the closets that were separating the two rooms and created a large bedroom with master bath on one end. So without further adieu, I share with you guys the before and after of our Master Floor. It still needs to be furnished as the rest of the house, but I will share the room makeovers as I get around to finishing each room.
Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |
Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |
Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |navkbrar.blogspot.comProject Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |
Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |
Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |navkbrar.blogspot.comProject Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |navkbrar.blogspot.comProject Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern attic loft conversion Master Bathroom |


Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern open concept black and white kitchen |
Today I am sharing the full main floor reveal with you guys. Looking at the before pictures, I can't believe that I walked into this house and said "I kinda like it" seriously..was it my pregnancy hormones or I had so much faith in us that I thought I could pull this off?! Well..either way we did it! It turned out exactly how I imagined it. We took out two major walls and converted the main floor into an open concept space for our growing family. The original kitchen was only 8'x9' I believe, complete with the green ugly wall tiles and asbestos floor tiles!..I shared the kitchen details last week, check it out here. I am so glad we were able to move the kitchen and make it so much bigger than it was before. We also converted the (old) kitchen window into a full entrance from the backyard while keeping the side entrance for the basement. We also kept the original doors and the hardware, which are just stunning! I will be sharing some more detail pics in a later post.

Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern open concept black and white kitchen |
Above is the view of our main floor from where the old kitchen would have been..I am still in awe of what we have accomplished..I love this feeling of open space as it allows me to keep an eye on the baby.. plus now she has so much room to crawl around in! I am also glad that we kept the original pocket doors as seen in this post, since it does allow me to close off the living room if needed..because there are days when you do need a bit of privacy so I am glad I have that option.
I've also attached some pictures of the foyer in this post, which only needed a bit of cosmetic makeover, no structural changes were needed there. I do love that you can see right through the house from the front entrance. The stairs were in good shape, little squeaky here and there but very sturdy. They were a bit worn out though, and we tried staining them..but it turns out that the first floor had Oak steps but the second had Pine. The pine did not take the stain very well and it basically looked like we painted them black! So we had to just choose a different paint colour and just paint the stairs all together. Other than repainting and re-staining the stairs, we kept the foyer more or less the same. We did add some extra storage under the stairs, can never have too much storage right!
So this is it guys, this is the main floor..I will be sharing our master floor may have seen some of it on Instagram but I can't wait to share the entire floor!! Click below to see more.


As I said in the previous post, the living room was probably the only room in the house that was in a decent all went downhill from there. The Kitchen was one of our major projects..we basically relocated it, redesigned it and took down a few walls. Since we didn't need a formal dining room and we were going to create an open concept place; having a large kitchen with an 8 foot island made perfect sense to me. Overall I am thrilled with how the kitchen turned out. It doesn't seem like a lot of space, with all the storage only on just one wall and some storage in the island..the best thing I did was add drawers instead of cupboards. We only had 3 drawers in our old kitchen, and in this one we have 14! It just makes sense, you use every inch of space this way, plus no more ducking down to find pots and pans. Everything is perfectly organized with larger drawers for pot, pans, bulky items, and smaller ones for pretty much everything else. I even managed to add pantry storage in here. So if there is anything I can recommend, it would be add drawers instead of cupboards. We even managed to hide our appliances in the much as I love open concept, I do get overwhelmed with clutter. So having a designated space for all of the appliance does help to control the visual clutter.

Project Rad: Toronto century home renovation - modern open concept black and white kitchen |

The only thing I was sad to lose was the window seen below, it allowed so much natural light into the dining area..but the older houses only had one bathroom in the entire house, which meant no powder room on the main floor. So we decided to use the space beside the kitchen and squeezed in a tiny 5x3 powder room. I would have kept the window if I could but sometimes you have to make hard decisions. Removing the wall between the (now) kitchen and the room beside it (which btw I have NO idea what its purpose was!) has made the kitchen a lot more brighter..but I am a sucker for natural light and can never get enough! Anyway guys I am going keep this one short..I will be sharing the full main floor reno soon! See below for more pictures of the kitchen :)
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