Home Diaries: How to add color to your Living Room

I love changing my decor regularly, but I usually play it safe and only change it up in my bedroom and bathroom. I do change my duvets regularly..and I am always switching up my bathroom accessories, but I only change my living room decor once or twice a year..and that is usually around the holidays. I guess it is just easy to switch up the decor seasonally with some soft throws and warm colored accents and you are done..but summer time decor can be a little challenging. How do you decorate without throws and candles?? I say add colour..and a lot of it! I generally keep this area fairly neutral and it works with a toddler in the house, but this is such an easy way to add some pop of colour that you don't even have to think about commitment issues. I usually have these velvet cushions in our guest room where they pop against everything white..but one evening I decided to change things up. I wanted to add some life to a dark gloomy living space (because let's face it..our summer has been nothing but dark and gloomy this year) and all I did was grab all the cushions from the guestroom and everything else colorful in the house and.. VOILA! It took me less than 15 minutes to spruce up the space! I have added links to the all the accessories I used. The best part is that because it is all accessories, you can pack everything up just as quickly when you are done with the look..or in my case when my little monster wanted to take over the living room.


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