Good Morning ladies..hope your weekend was wonderful. I enjoyed the milder side of winter on Sunday, even though Saturday wanted me to book a flight outta here and fly to a warm tropical Paradise. Every time we hit sub frozen temps, I start dreaming of spring! I start craving pretty colors and flowers. Which is why I have rounded up Chapters Indigo's Spring home collection.. I am happy to see gold is still going strong and black and white stripes are everywhere, not to mention florals and pastels! Enjoy!

1. Large gold striped cushion - 2. Mint Pot - 3. Large striped cushion (pink flower) - 4. Yellow Pot - 5. Two handle Black bowl - 6. HOME cushion - 7. Large striped cushion (red flower) - 8. Tropical Candle - 9. Black Bowl - 10. Coconut gray candle - 11. Floral Globe - 12. Large striped cushion (white flower) - 13. Pink Mason Jar - 14. Long Gold striped cushion - 15. Black and White cushion - 16. Gold and white plate

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