With Fashion week in full wing at New York, and seeing my favorite bloggers all over New York is reallly making me miss NYC! I went there a couple years ago, it was just before the American Thanksgiving, so naturally the city was just dazzling in the the Christmas display windows, and surprisingly mild weather for November! I think it is a bit early for the holiday themed pictures, but I want to share of my fave pics from NYC..Enjoy!


Of course, finding Laduree on the Madison was a total fluke but the best surpise ever! Though, i was a huge fan of Laduree from before having been to it in Paris and London, I was ecstatic to discover it on the other side of the pond! 


Mint flavor macaron tower, what more can one ask for!


And no one should come home without a box of happiness!


Another thing that really surprised me about NYC was all the Art decor architechture. I guess I should have done some homework (the Cryslar building should have been a big clue), but seeing all these art deco details made me very happy! I think it is my favourite style of architecture,..the glam, the gold, the design..what's there not to love!


LOVE. Though I had seen this sculpture, I had no idea where it was installed. Blaming it on lack of preperation as it was kind of a last minute trip, but finding it anyway was the best part. This is when I really fell in love with NYC, seeing cute surprises everywhere. I don't just see architecture..I feel it. And NYC you made me fall in love with everything you had to offer!


I found some wonderful artists selling stuff in Bryant Park. At first it didn't seem anything special but I would much rather buy souvenirs that don't look tacky and are usable. So this is where I decided to do some shopping. I bought this wallet for my brother, and a very similar wallet for myself. Of course I didn't let him know I was a tourist (having lived in London for a while, I can always pretend to be a local so I don't get scammed). He said it wouldn't get damaged and this is printed on a quality leather, and I threatened to come back if the wallet was faulty in any way. Well guess what, I still use my wallet everyday and it is holding really well!


Spotting Timmies in Times Square is just awesome!


I absolutely love this pic, it is my fave from the bunch, and I love how each window of the Borgdorf has a lovely wreath! Now I am getting excited for the holidays.


Having gone through my NYC pics, I think I am going have to do a few more posts. There is just so much to see, the architecture, the parks, the bridges, the food...its definitely not helping my craving for NYC!

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