Even though we have summer like weather, with the arrival of September we tend to start preparing for fall. Though we have had a short summer, I am starting to get a bit excited for fall! I love it simply because it never disappoints! If it is mild, great..if it's cold then well it's fall! Along with the low expectations I love the coziness of it, the days are short but not too short (unlike Dec!), but it is nice to wear layers and sit by the fireplace.
So let's ignore the summery weather outside for a second and dream of a glamorous fall. I usually don't shop with a theme in mind, but rather discover a theme among the things I have around, and I noticed I am kind of crazy about Gold and Black!
I gathered few things around the house to show easy it is pull a theme together without having to buy everything new.

Black and gold home decor inspiration ideas

Fan- I bought from Venice a few years ago, I fell in love with the lace detail
Gold Shells - spray painted gold shells I picked up from the beach in Costa Rica
Gold Doily- an ordinary paper doily spray painted gold by yours truly
Black Rocks- another DIY by moi (posted last week)
Ampersand - a recent purchase from Chapters-Indigo (I love the simplicity of it)
Chair print- I actually purchased this print as a set of 4 from "Paris in Color" Etsy shop a few months ago. I have yet to frame them but I just love how it ties in my love for Black, Gold & Paris 

Black and gold home decor inspiration ideas

It is not that hard to bring a theme together. Chances are if you love a particular color or style you will find a few things at home already, and rest can be fixed with a spray can! And the best part of spraying anything is that you can always change it another color if you get tired of it.

Black and gold home decor inspiration ideas

Another closer look at the objects I used for this theme.  

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