Funny, I started this blog in the middle of winter, right after the big Ice Storm of Toronto. Which was a total nightmare to be honest, and here we stand 5 months later finally experiencing some much needed change in the weather. When I started my blog, I figured I would talk about my travels and share my love for Home decor, but this past winter changed everything! Having nothing pretty or scenic to photograph outside (I mean how many diff ways can I photograph snow?).. I don't live Downtown or next to the lake so scenery around me is pretty bland, which lead me to create beauty around me, hence all the "pretty" posts. I must say if this winter wasn't so brutal I wouldn't have bothered learning "indoor" photography, which is a challenge like no other. It seems there is never enough light no matter how many windows you have. Having to shoot at optimal hours is also a must. But anyway, I am thankful to the winter of 2014 as it taught me a whole new skill, but I am also not sad to see it go because these beautiful Magnolia Blossoms will always win my heart! I will carry on with my "Pretty" posts, but here I share with you Spring in Toronto!

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