It seems it has been a while since I have posted any travel photos, so I decided to revisit England. Normally very gloomy but I did live by the south coast for about a year and managed to score some lovely days! So here I share with you the sunny side of England.

Eastbourne Beachy Head

The Beachy Head hike is a must if you are ever down south, on a lovely day many people take a long walk (uphill) to admire the chalky cliffs

Eastbourne Beachy Head
Around the "Downs" a lovely peaceful windey road

Eastbourne Beachy Head
The English Channel on a beautiful clear day, seen from "The Beachy Head"

The Downs
Well it wasn't sunny everyday.. But even on a cloudy day the views were quite spectacular!

The Downs
This picture was taken near the town of Alfriston, I will do another post on it. Honestly the most cutest town I have ever seen!

Another curvy road going through the Downs, I do miss the train rides there, I could stare out the window for hours

I will leave you with the view I was most familiar with, and one of my favorites. Not always as warm as I liked but sitting by the beach on a Sunday afternoon was one of my favorite things to do while living in the South. No wonder people move there to retire!
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