April Pastels

Yay it's April!! I am overly excited because in my books that means winter is OFFICIALLY over! March can be hit and miss, but April (usually) means we made it! The days are longer, even 5-10 degrees feel like 25 after a brutal winter. Yes it rains, but at least I won't have to shovel! All in all nothing but positive things!

April blooms and Pastels

Another one of life's simple pleasures..turning over the calender to a new month. And with Anna Bond's art, it means you are in for treat each month! Her art is spectacular, and with this month's City from the "Flip Around the World Calendar" is Paris and I couldn't be happier. So I put together a mini shoot with all things spring, and funny it all looks very "Easter" like, quite fitting I say!

 Here's to little things..I hope you enjoy this month as much as I plan to!
Tea and Pastel macarons

Anna bond calender and revlong perfumerie

Diptyque rose and Pastel macarons

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