Trending Tuesdays: Making me Blush!

So we have seen blush all over the runway this season, and it was definitely the surprise colour of the winter with pink winter coats everywhere! I am glad to see it's not going anywhere this summer AND it's sticking around trough Fall 2014! Here are some of my favorite things in blush!

Snug Studio

How adorable is this calendar from Snug Studio. I love the colour of course and the minimalist and modern design.

These blush cushions are just so dreamy. They are so glamourous and I would put them in pretty much every room of the house!

There beauties I stumbled on Babasouk are just divine. Babasouk is Montreal based shop and sell all sorts of unique things. These bowls are hand made so no two are the same. How lovely would it be to serve dessert in these, or even use as dipping bowls! But they are so versatile, they can be used to display jewellery, or use them as change bowls.

I would just love to walk around in this gorgeous midi from Topshop.

How cute is this handmade bowl from Etsy. I am simply in love with this colour combination, and not to mention my love for polka dots, this bowl has it all!

Blush dishware...enough said! It is bit daring to have the whole set in pink but mix it with white or mint for spring and gold for the holidays, and gray for winter!

This packaging is a winoholic's dream! So simple, so pretty and so delicious.

Pink agate coasters, I mean what more can you ask for. I would love to put a glass of rose on them and just admire..while getting drunk of course ;)

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