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So lalely, and by that I mean the last two years, I have been OBSESSED with Juju headdresses. I didn't even know what they were called until recently, so naturally hunting one down was a challenge. But I have been on a mission to find a one regardless!
Well.. I finally found one! I was watching Steven and Chris the other day, my absolute fave decor/life style show. I have been watching these guys since their "Designer Guys" days and love their taste, so I PVR their show daily and watch em every night! It was just another decor segment and next thing I see is a big Juju Headdresss right in the middle of it all! So naturally I went on their website and found the source and voila! I am a proud owner of a Juju headdress! 

So I took it to Pinterest to get some ideas in terms of how to incorporate it in my home decor. My decor is minimalist, simple furniture pieces with accents and decor accessories from around the world that I collected from my travels. So the Juju would fit right in with my space! I originally planned on hanging it above my bed but turns out it's too big and overpowers the whole wall. I have tired hanging it in the family room (it has higher ceilings) and so it seems to work better there. But here are few ideas to get me experimenting.

Best part is they are so versatile, you don't have to have "Global Chic" decor to make it work, they work in Modern, traditional, eclectic, all sorts of interiors. I can see why they are gaining such popularity. 

I love how they are so neutral and add so much texture to the space.

This is pretty close to my colour, I picked cream because I am bit of commitment-phobe, and I tend to change my mind often (mostly because I love everything and I can't just have one theme) and since these guys are a little pricey you want something you can move around the house without having to worry if it will go with the decor.

Best of all they come in soo many colours!

How amazing is this Cluster wall! I would love to do something like that but that can get a bit pricey as these headdresses can cost $$$

The modern monochromatic theme.

I just love the colours in this setting, and even though the decor is so eclectic with amazing mid-century pieces and traditional pieces, the Juju really can hold its own!

I just love the jewel tones here.

All images from Pinterest

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