Photography: A day out in Toronto

It is rare for us to take pictures of our own city, because we take usually it for granted and leave the picture taking to the visitors. But, once in a while it nice to take a walk and really take in the city. See it as you would if you were visiting it for a few days and you want to take in every detail you can. I love taking pictures of not only the main attractions but also smaller things, like light posts, fire escapes, things that make up the city. I took these pictures a little while ago, and I was playing around with PicMonkey edits, so here is what came out. Picmonkey is a great site for beginners who want to play with cool and unusual effects but don't want to commit to an editting software. So here we go..Toronto through my eyes.

Let's begin with the icon of the city, CN Tower. I used a texture background, using Picmonkey, on this image and I like it! It gives it a poster like finish, combining photography with hand painted elements.


The Eaton Centre, the busiest shopping center in Toronto. It is also known for  the bird sculpture installation “Flight Stop” by Michael Snow. The sculpture depicts Canadian Geese in flight. I absolutely love it, because it a sight we see often in Canada at sunrise and sunset!


The Royal Ontario Museum, Age of Dinosaurs. A truly breathtaking experience, seeing these larger than life skeletons. It is not only fun to walk around but also fun to photograph with all the silhouettes against the natural light, reflection in the display cases. I could honestly spend a whole day just in one gallery room.


The Royal Ontario Museum, Age of Dinosaurs


Queen st. is of course known for its trendy shops, but I think true beauty of the city lies in the structures that make it. On a bright sunny day even mundane objects like street cables, and fire escapes come to life!


There is something so soothing about curved lines. I could look that this picture all day, there is something so calming about it. It is kind of ironic to find a light post calming, especially in the mist of the city bustle. But as they beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



  1. I'd love to see more posts like this please! There's a chance I'm moving next year so it would be handy to have an idea through your posts 😊

    1. I will keep that in mind for sure..Toronto is a lovely city but you really have to know it's hidden gems to appreciate it :)


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