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Just got my new Poppy 3D recorder and viewer for iPhone! #poppy #poppy3dThe Chef In The Hat experiences Poppydagger moth stereo - poppyfirefly stereo poppyHoverfly - 3d parallel viewSquirrel - 3d parallel view
   Bird feeding - 3d parallel viewmagic kingdomtoon town coaster
the needlecaesar'spalazzopalazzorock climbingHands on, the first production Poppy. Turn your iPhone into 3D camera. #kickstarter #poppy3d
My choice of Poppy, the white version. Can't wait! Hopefully it will arrive before X'mas. #poppy3d #kickstarterEthan in 3D. Well, as a stereographic image that can be viewed with #poppy3d
Poppy 3D, a group on Flickr.
Okay so this just blew my mind! Well it shouldn't have as I am an Optormetrist and I fully understand how 3D vision works, but I thought it just so cool! This group shows you how to create 3D images. And our brain is trained to see 3D if you have similar vision in both eyes, so if you look closely the "identical" images are actually not so identical. There is a minor difference in the angle of the shot, just as you would see the difference in angle when you look just the right eye or just the left eye. And when we try to overlap the images, our brain detects the slight angle difference and judges what is closer and what is father. So as a result we get a sense of depth in the images and voila! 3D!
Do not attempt this if your vision isn't 20/20, but this should work with prescription glasses and without the help of 3D glasses! This must be the dorkiest post I have ever done but it is rare when you profession and passion collide so beautifully!

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