I haven't traveled much of the States, but I have a feeling San Francisco might just be my favorite city. So scenic, and so pretty! Every street was an attraction to me, and not mention Alcatraz, and views of the city from there are simply breathtaking.

Cali Sunset
Oh the colours, I could stare at this pic all day!

Cali Sunset
A golden sunset this time, I love how everything is glowing in gold.
Cali Sunset

like a painting
This was taken next to the Golden Gate bridge, I love how these trees just look like a painting

I love this pic, how it was meant to be something else but turn into something crazier and better!

Palace of Fine Arts

Lombard st.
The Lombard St., definitely worth driving on! Not only is it the curviest street, but it is also simply stunning! Lined with beautiful flowers, and the most beautiful houses I've ever seen, wonder how much they would cost..hmm..

Sunset in San fran
Sunset at the Fisherman's Wharf
gloomy San fran
The Bay bridge, seen from the Alcatraz cruise

These three lonely trees, surviving the winds, and barely hanging on to the edge of Alcatraz

Green mossy roof tops at Alcatraz

off to Alcatraz
We made a friend on the boat, we named him Herbert

off to Alcatraz

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