Home Decor: Diptyque Heaven

It is no secret that I love Diptyque candles, especially Baies. They are a bit expensive but totally worth it. Once you light one, you will never go back to another brand. It fills the whole house with its heavenly fragrance. Having bought my third one, I wasn't sure what to do with the empty containers and I didn't want to just toss them out! So I found some lovely examples of how to use them around the house. No matter what you put into them, they look so pretty.

Don't they look gorgeous in a simple tray, I would love to have this many candles all at once! But truth is they are pricey and I can only afford one at a time.
I have done this already, no brainer,  these cute little votives add effortless glam to your vanity
This is so cool..my pins are everywhere! I love how they stay organized and visible in Diptyque jars

Well of course! Why not plant a little something! This is a super idea and can be put anywhere in the house, from kitchen to bedroom
via Pinterest

So not only will your house smell lovely, but keep the candle jars so you can display them all over the house! Since I am nearly done with my 3rd candle I am going to try planting something pretty like an Orchid in it!

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