La Fashionista: Trending sarees

Saris are going through a crazy transition right now. Traditionally they used to be either heavily embroidered or simple with prints. But now you can have it all, prints mixed with embroidered tulle, tulle mixed with heavy velvet, or just simple graphic prints! It is so hard to decide what to buy now, but I think I have a favorite in the mix, can you spot it ;) .

The floral pink and black tulle, simple yet elegant, it has all the trends in one sari! But if I could afford them I would buy them all!

Tulle and Velvet mix, and gorgeous embroidery, via Pinterest

Floral are everywhere right now, I especially love them in Saris. via Pinterest

Graphic prints are so retro chic, I love the pacman one!, and the polka dots! via Pinterest

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