All things Pretty: Happy Valentine's day

I originally had no post created for Valentine's day, but then I got these beautiful Coral roses! How gorgeous are these, I had to display them right away and something this pretty needs to be photographed! I admit I went a little nuts but these flowers make me ralize I should have roses at my house ALL the time. I smile every time I look at them, needless to say I have been admiring them all day! 


Naturally, I pull my gold tray out to display all things I love in one spot! Coral and Gold seem to be match made in heaven, don't you think?

I can admire them all day long.

Then these guys moved by the window. P.S. playing around with heart shaped Bokeh!

Ah that's better, I brought em down to the family room, they blend in seamlessly with the colour scheme and I can admire them all day long!

Below are few more detail shots..These beauties really made my day, hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. And don't wait for someone else to buy you roses go out and buy your favorite colour that makes you smile all day long :)





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