I have a started a new series where I share tid-bits of my Instagram here. This week was a relaxing one for me, I managed to get out there and do some shopping! We had some mild days this week which meant getting out there and check out some of those year-end sales!
1. Chapters-Indigo display. New year is all about getting organized and getting the to-do lists done, so how perfect it is to get some pretty folders to make your office look stylist and productive

2. Missing summer days. I miss the bright sunny days and reading a fun book. This Alexa Chung book is a fun read, and a perfect gift for any fashionista!

3. I visited the Interior Design Show in Toronto. It was my first time there and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! (more highlights coming up tomorrow!)

4. Spotted this Peony wreath at Crate & Barrel! I am so in love with it that I might just have to run back and get it.

5. A pretty bedside always cheers me up..blooms and pretty teacups are my weakness..

6. Cold winter days make black and white more fitting. As much as I love pink and florals, my life reflects more of my obsession with black and white ..I also have a thing for vintage broaches!

7. FLORALS!! With Target leaving us soon, I couldn't take a chance to wait for the liquidation I bought everything I wanted right now!

8. Zara Sales are the best aren't they? I wanted this white bag last spring, but let's be honest I didn't need it and it was $90. But I found this baby half off this week! I love a good deal!

9. I have started this new diet (for health reasons) and I am loving it! I have cut out all grains and dairy and never felt better! I feel great and I am losing I predict more selfies in the future :)  ..also got this sweater form HM this love..too cozy to pass up.

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