Today I share with you a few shots of my home, and how I have incorporated artistic pieces thorough out the house. I have recently discovered "Invaluable”, it is premiere online auction marketplace. I love the amount of pieces you can find on this site, from furniture to paintings. If I had more room I would for sure be buying a few pieces, but may be once I move to a more permanent place.
Seeing all this art inspired me to give you a little tour of the "art" in my home. Being in a small loft for the winter means I had to leave most of my art pieces/paintings behind. I couldn’t part will all of them of course, so let me take you on an ‘art tour’ of my small space.

cloche and candles with fashion books
jo malone candle and fashion books

Above is the side table I purchased from  a shop in Toronto which imports furniture from Indonesia. My husband and I fell in love with a coffee table in Bali, when we visited it for our Honeymoon. It wasn’t practical to ship it from there for us, so I was thrilled to find this piece right here in Toronto. I love the rustic finish, and the contrasting colours. It adds warmth and interest (not to mention function), to the space.


One of my favorite pieces in my home is this bone jewellery box. I had to bring it with me to the new place. I bought this piece in 2009 while I was traveling Jaiselmer, Rajisthan. This hand painted piece with scalloped detail is what gets me every time. I can look at its soothing lines and floral details all day long.

Rifle paper co. has become a household name now with Anna Bond’s stationery line. I love this line for her amazing art work as it combines beauty with functionality. Something as simple as a calendar can provide art in such a small space.

I have been obsessed with Juju’s for a long time now. Juju is headdress worn by the chief of the village in some parts of Africa. Last year I finally managed to find a store that imports Juju’s from Africa. They have every colour imaginable. In a white space it adds warm texture and interest, and nothing short of a conversation piece.

tea light

And lastly, my beloved candelabra. It is such a unique piece. I love rustic elements in a home and try to bring nature in as much as I can. With this piece I get rustic , nature and art all in one.  Every piece I own gives my eyes a treat..either it is soothing to the eye, or intrigues curiosity.  My home reflects me and my love for travel, sentiments, and beauty.

There you go guys, a mini art tour of my home! Be sure to check out Invaluable for their beautiful pieces! 


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