Things I am curently loving

I have had a hectic few weeks lately with work, conferences, plus trying to lose weight so working out more regularly (it's not working!!)...hah but anyway, I have found a few things to help me cope with a busy stressful schedule..

#1: Lavender! I got a bottle of dried lavender for multi-use around the house. I decided to add some to the bath one day, and let me tell you it's a game changer! It helps with stress and the smell of lavender is so soothing, it will help combat any sort of stressful week you might be having!


#2: Lovefresh products. This is a Toronto based company with all natural, chemical free products! They not only smell amazing but feel great on your body. The products range from hand lotions, scrubs, body butter and all natural deodorant!


#3: Flower Bomb! This fragrance is just divine!! With my love for floral fragrances, I had to give it a try, and it does not disappoint! Everlasting subtle floral and feminine, this might just become my go-to perfume!
#4: Pearl back earrings. Since not all of us can afford Dior, I am happy to see replicas of the famous Pearl back earrings. They can be found in any accessory store, or even online boutiques. I fell in love with both black and white, they are so elegant and classy, and would make a great Christmas present!

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