Perfect tea for fall

I started drinking Chai (tradition Indian Tea with spices) about 10 years ago during my 3rd year finals at the university (wow that makes me sound old!) anyway, I like the taste, it keeps me awake, it is healthy so why try something else right?! I always try to eat healthy and have often tried incorporation the morning ritual of lemon with warm water, but not being a morning person I found that very difficult! Waking up late and wanting a nice strong cup of my chai is what I needed to get my day started.
It was last month when I was at a conference when I tried some green tea with lemon and honey. Well folks I was hooked! It was light, refreshing, caffeinated and I could finally get on board with this lemon and honey business!
A friend of mine got me a gift box of Davids tea last year, so trying this new tea experience became a whole lot of fun with flavors ranging from chocolate to ginger! And I happened to have a sample of organic honey from The Rosewood Estate Winery (where they make honey wine too..and their Mead Noir is to die for!). And me being me I don't do boring tea for one..I bring out my fave tea cup, my fave green tea from Davids Tea and Pumpkin Macarons from Nadege Patisserie in Toronto...simply heaven!

oct 002

oct 014

oct 009

oct 006

oct 004

oct 003

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