As promised yesterday, nothing but colour! I took these pictures a while back during my trip to Lisbon, Portugal. I loved the famous tile facades but it was by luck I spotted these gorgeous buildings. It was in the area of Belem, famous for the Belem cafe, the University, museums, piers and of course the Belem Tower. We we walking along Av. India when I saw all these colours and as usual ran towards them with my camera. I couldn't believe the beauty and I love when people are daring enough to choose bold colours. Can you imagine blue, pink, purple, orange and mixed with natural greens..what a stunning view. I have to be honest though I never did find out what these buildings were but I did bring back a little part of Belem with me.

Picture 173
Picture 199

Picture 170

Picture 200

Pictures below are from a resting station from our bus ride from Lisbon to Seville. I couldn't believe this was a real place. Gorgeous spring sunlight, and crisp colours of the station, it seemed a like a movie set.
Picture 258-2

Picture 255-2

A lilac Hotel. Enough said. These pictures remind me of "The Grand Budapest Hotel". What a lovely thought that these stunning buildings do exist outside of  the Hollywood sets.

Picture 237

Picture 228
Well until spring finally decides to visit us this year I will simply admire these colourful beauties..hope you liked em too.

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