My Laduree Obsession

If you ask anyone that knows me, they know that I am kind of addicted to Macarons! Well who isn't really! Since I first discovered them through blogs in 2008, and tried the original Laduree Macaron in 2009 in life has never been the same! I have tried macarons all over the place, but nothing compares to the original Laduree. Everything I have a friend visit Paris (which thankfully happens often enough) I ask them to bring me back macarons, of course. So when my husband's friend went to Paris last month and brought me back some Macarons..but never did I expect such a big box! He got me 2 dozen macarons! I had almost forgotten how amazing Laduree's macarons really were, almost like little piece of heaven with in every bite!

This is probably the longest intro I have ever written for a blogpost..but it is only because I LOVE these colourful little cake/cookies ;) Something this beautiful must of course be photographed first, and that was probably the hardest thing I had to do...WAIT! So I gave myself half an hour to do what I gotta do and then sit back and enjoy..I can't share with you the amazing taste but I hope this pictures give you an idea..because they taste even better than they look!


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