Happy Monday- Stripes and Colours

I have been slacking on posting lately, honestly life has gone from slow and steady to uber busy lately. I do plan to post but then something always comes up..work, home, taxes! As I am self-employed and a major procrastinator I do tend to leave all my paper work to last minute even though I promise every year that I will stay on top of things!

But all is done now..and hopefully I can bounce back into my posting routine. Today i give you a different take on "straws". With summer coming, I am seeing different colour paper straws pop up everywhere! They are super cute and great for BBQs, birthday parties and even sipping a smoothie all by yourself. So, I, like a crazy person went and bought every colour on the market. And not for the party reasons..more for "art". Well I do still intend to use them later but playing with straws can be more fun that I originally imagined.
I am thinking about making a few prints of these and see how it all come through, perhaps a future project?? Brainstorming out loud here, but I think a set of three would make a great series...well till then enjoy the messy 'art' ;)

straw textures

straw textures 2

straw textures3

straw textures4

straw textures6

straw textures8

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