It is pretty gloomy here today in Toronto, kind of reminds me of the time I was in the UK. I have been back for over 4 years but every time I see grey clouds, it takes me right back to England. But it wasn't always gloomy, clouds have their own charm. And if you get lucky you might get some amazing shots.

The London Eye
This picture of the London Eye is one of my favorites. I love all the different layers in the the architecture and the light. I happened to be walking to the Buckingham palace from the Trafalgar square, when suddenly I got a little glimpse of this beautiful light on the London Eye and I pretty much ran towards it. I am so glad I did because I only had a few minutes to capture this shot! It had been a very cloudy, windy spring day, but just around sunset the clouds broke a little and sun came shining in, illuminating the whole skyline against the background of dark grey clouds. I still see evenings like this in here Canada, especially after all the thunderstorms we get in the summer, but nothing like capturing one of the most iconic features of London in this setting.

From the same evening I beleive, hustle and bustle of London. I love that city! There is so much to explore just walking around.

The London Eye
I am so jealous of people who get to live right on the Thames River. I would never get tired of this view

The London Eye
Even the light fixtures are so charming in London

Big Ben
You can't capture London without capturing the Big Ben, well at least the tower that holds it
The Buckingham Palace
Oh you know, just casually hanging at the Palace

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