Since I started posting my travel pictures on here, I have realized that I have beautiful pictures of the world but not of the place where I was born - Punjab, India. I do go back every few years but end up spending most of my time with family and never get to experience it as a tourist, as seeing things for the first time and being fascinated by them Last time I went tried to get into the "photographer" mindset and tried to capture a little of Punjab, and thought to myself how fascinating it would be visit a place like this as a complete stranger.

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Of course as a Punjabi and a Sikh, capturing the Golden Temple is a must! This is the most sacred place for Sikhs around the world and India. On average it takes about an hour to enter the temple and you get about 5 seconds to take it all in before you are pushed out the other door. But it is the experience that counts! I think I will do a separate post just on the Golden Temple.

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Top half of the temple is adorned with actual 22ct Gold, and it is polished routinely to keep it sparkling

Picture 288
Ah the simple life. Village kids (my hudband's nephews) running around in the lush green farms of Punjab doing what kids do best there, fly kites!

Picture 270

Picture 239
A gorgeous peacock shaped weather vane. I spotted it just before sunset

A visit to yet another Sikh Temple, on a freezing cold winter day. I love the clean lines and peaceful surroundings

(Almost) Every Sikh temple has a pond, after praying indoors, you would walk around the whole pond once whilst praying and end it by washing your hands and face as a symbol of purifying oneself. In the Summer you can also bathe in it (but no swimming..only meditation allowed)

Here I visited yet another temple near my parent's place in Punjab. I just loved the peaceful setting of this temple, surrounded by lush farms, winter fog, and Sun barely peeping through. So serene.

I think this is the magic we are missing in the western culture, we put up churches and temples wherever we find a spot (sadly I've even seen some warehouses turned into Temples!); but what we need peaceful setting where you can meditate and reflect, and not just show up for Sunday service.
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