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So hubby and I are starting to look into getting a custom home rebuilt. We want one of those ultra mod houses that seem to popping up everywhere and I am quite excited about it! But it is still technically winter here in Toronto, so for now I will just day dream about my future home. One thing I am sure of what I want in the house is Herringbone flooring! It looks so chic and so classic all at the same time. What I absolutely love is that it works in every setting, from modern to country to mid-century!

herringbone floor tile pattern via aesthetic outburst blog via varpunen blog

How gorgeous is this simple black floor! I could literally stare at this image for hours..simply stunning!

Herringbone Flooring YES!
Talk about statement! I love the sea green and the herringbone pattern, it looks as if you are walking on water. A great way to add colour to a neutral place, but you better love the colour are about to commit too because flooring is not something you can change every year.
herringbone flooring
This just looks fun! Mixing two colours and creating a gradient effect, it may not be for everyone but a cool concept none the less.

herringbone framed with two narrow boards (with herringbone joins at corners) and casement definition
Now little more practical options. If you want a pattern in a large area such a the whole main floor, you should stick to light neutrals. The pattern can be busy overpowering so balancing it with light colour makes a subtle statement.
nothing I love more than herringbone floors - Jack
You can't get more neutral than this. This flooring blends right in with all the furnishing and becomes part of the decor. If you have a hard time committing to a colour neutral is the way to go.

Love the herringbone floor
And then I found this! This brick flooring actually reminds me our home in India, where are was born. It is easy to maintain and great for exteriors or even a mud room. Small area with a great punch of personality!

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