Health: Smoothie Madness!!

So I finally purchased my very own Vitamix last month. I was obsessesing over it for a while, well since I went to the Booster Juice after a workout and it just changed my life! I had their "Ripped Berry" smoothie and it was nothing like what I made at home! It was so smooth and beautifully blended, needless to say I became an addict.
Well after doing some math I figured it is better for me to just buy the blender they use and I can make my own crazy smoothie concoctions! And well like I said I did buy one and it is the best purchase ever. Even though it is a bit pricey but to be honest it's worth it, especially for someone like myself who is lazy and I never make time to eat fuits and veggies.
So anyway after i got Vitamix, I found some great recipes online which I would like to share. I am going through the green smoothie phase right now and loving it!

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