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I love displaying all the objects I love in trays, mainly because it gives it an "organized" look despite being mis-machted. I am always changing my tray displays though, because I simply get bored with one look or if I buy something new I have to display it so I can admire it!

I bought this sea-urchin from Target last summer and I can't get enough of it. It has moved all over my house but it is always where I can see it and admire it. Another thing I realized once I started putting my favourite things in the tray, is that I clearly have a thing for all things French! For example all the books and water carafe from Indigo are all french inspired. Also, I love peacocks which explains why I fell in love with this tray, also from Indigo.

So here are a few examples of display tray that makes you smile everytime you look at it!

Now here's an example of all the same stuff (well mostly) in a different tray, from Target. The size of this tray was a bit small and I didnt want to over crowd it as it should looks simple and effortless, So I removed the carafe.

And then I moved the same tray to the bar area. I wanted to keep it simple and clean as you would need it to place glasses and bottles. I styled it using clear glass feather blocks from yet again Target. And you cannot have a tray complete without a bit of luxury. That is where Diptyque helps! Oh wait, that's French too! I simply love the smell of Baies and this spray is perfect when you need make the house smell heavenly very quickly! (ie. when the guests are about to arrive).

And anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with Laduree (yes, another French obsession). I was just sorting out my book shelf and found these napkins from Laduree, I have no idea when and where I picked them up as I have been to Laduree in Paris, London and New York..but it's a great way to remind of your travels and add some glam..even if it is just with a napkin!

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