Macarons and Diptyque with glucksetin architectural plates

I noticed a change in myself was when I found out I was pregnant. All of a sudden I had this urge to de-clutter. Also, seeing what is happening in Syria and how people have left their homes with absolutely nothing goes to show that possessions are not everything. If they can live with nothing then I surely don't need this season's hottest pumps. I would much rather donate my money or simply save for my future than spend it on these trendy items.
Life of a blogger can be pretty messy, you are always buying props for your pictures, or getting products to feature on the social media, and before you know it things are out of control. At first I enjoyed buying all the pretty things, but I would soon realize (after taking a few pictures) that I didn't really need to buy any of that stuff. Getting pregnant made it only clear what is really important in is not your possessions but the progress we make as we grow up and grow older. So...this year I am making a resolution..that is only because I am already half way there. I haven't bought anything non-essential in the last 4 months, which makes me pretty confident that I can do this in the new year. Having a baby means needing a LOT of new stuff I have never even thought of, but I plan to pace myself. I plan to buy things as I need them, not because they are on some must-have list. I plan to live with what I have, limiting buying non-essential clothing, and I am not buying anything at all for the house.
I have started to de-clutter slowly as well, finally get rid of the things I haven't used, or just start using what I have rather than storing it all away. I am using all my pretty wrapping papers, wearing all my clothes rather than sticking to some selected favorites, and not buying anymore props for the blog...because I have enough and I have to keep reminding myself that. With this consumer culture we live in everyone is always trying to sell you something..and I need to be strong and say no. Wish me luck!

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