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I have fairly curly hair with fine texture. I have also colored my hair and my cut is way overdue, which means my hair is not exactly loving me right now. It is dry, damaged and always tangled up. Above picture is my hair in its natural state after two days of being tied up in a bun. I do straighten my hair once a week so my hair is a bit manageable, but running a brush through this mess is not fun. Tangles have pretty much turned into knots at this point and I break a lot of my hair when I do try to brush out the tangles and knots. 

Tangle teezer from Sephora detangling hairbrush product review

Tangle teezer from Sephora detangling hairbrush product review

I decided to give the "Tangle Teezer" a try because I figured I have nothing to lose. It comes with a cover so it is great for travel and even throwing it my gym bag. It retails for about $25 CAD at Sephora. Because my hair is pretty long and I have a LOT of it, it took me about 5 mins to sort through the mess that is my hair. However, I did notice my hair didn't break as much, and tangles were coming apart quite easily. The brush is shallow so it sorts through one layer at a time, which takes a bit longer but it is much more gentle on your hair. I was able to run my hands through my hair without any discomfort.

Tangle teezer from Sephora detangling hairbrush product review

Above is my "after" picture, my hair is obviously still wavy, but the hair is separated nicely. I was able to do an up do with no issues after that! In other words I highly recommend this product for anyone with problem hair like mine. It is so gentle on your hair comes in a cute compact shape! Here is the direct link for the Tangle Teezer! It comes is so many pretty color as well!


  1. I have a hot pink tangle teezer and I use it every single day.

    1. It is the best isn't it! I used to break my hair all the time, they are calm and soft with the Tangle teezer!


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