Geralda towers near Seville Cathedral SEVILLE, SPAIN
 I traveled to Seville, Spain in 2009. I can't believe it has already been 6 years! It was part of our 5 country trip, we flew from London to Lisbon, and took a bus from Lisbon to Seville. Going to Seville I wasn't really sure what to expect. I assumed it was a pretty Spanish town, and that was it. I was, however, completely shocked when our bus pulled into the city that I realized Seville in fact is a large metropolitan city (with plenty of Spanish charm)! The architecture is to die for! Moorish inspired buildings and cathedrals can be seen all around the town, but especially prevalent in the city center.

We went to Seville towards the end of March, so it was a little chilly at night but the days were full of sunshine. I recommend a light jacket. We climbed the Tower of La Geralda, where you can admire the city views for miles to come. The Giralda is the only remaining structure of the 12th-century mosque torn down during the construction of the Seville Cathedral. Moors built the minaret with a series of ramps so that guards could ride to the top on horseback. The bell tower is capped with a bronze weathervane called El Giraldillo, which is a symbol that represents the triumph of faith.
First picture is of Plaza de Toros de la Maestranz, where the bull fighting takes place. Having already seen it in Madrid (and sadly cried because it is more of Bull-killing than fighting), and I did not want to go through that again. We walked through city center to the University of Seville.

Here are my top picks:
1. See a Flamenco dinner and show at Tablao Flamenco El Arenal
2. Visit Seville Cathedral and climb the tower of La Giralda
3. Walk the city center taking in the beautiful architecture of Seville
4. Explore the palace and gardens of Real Alcazar
5. Take a walk through city plazas to get a taste of casual night time gathering of friends
6. People watch at Plaza De Espana
7. Stroll through University of Seville
8. See Torre del Oro (Tower of Gold) situated on the rivert
9. Shop at many trendy shops on Calle Sierpes
10.  Admire the beauty of Plaza Nueva
11. (Bonus) Take a bus to Tarifa, where you can take a 30 min ferry ride to Morocco!!
Travel Spain: Beautiful architecture of Seville, and Tower os Girarlda

Travel Spain: Beautiful architecture of Seville, Flamanco dancers at El Arenal
Seville is an attraction itself, I mean look at that Zara store and the bank! Exploring Seville on foot is the best way to see it, but make sure to wear comfortable shoes with good padding, walking on cobble stoned streets can be really uncomfortable even in flats.
There are also a few Flamenco bars to explore. We went to El Arenal, where you can enjoy dinner and a show! 

Travel Spain: Beautiful moorish architecture of Seville catheral and Tower of Girarlda
I mean I can really go on and on about the architecture. Check out the Herringbone floors in the Cathedral tower!

Real Alcazar, is a palace of Pedro I, king of Spain (1350-69), which he built for his mistress. We didn't get to go to Granada, but this palace was filled with Moorish details of that period. We spent an afternoon exploring this place, and relaxed in the gardens. (seen below)

Travel Spain: Beautiful moorish architecture of Real Alcazar, Sevilla / Seville
Above are more details from Real Alcazar. The tile pattern that is commonly seen in Morocco is also found in this Palace.The gardens of Real Alcazar even more impressive than the building itself!

Travel Spain: Beautiful moorish architecture of Real Alcazar, Sevilla / Seville
Best of the rest..If only our Starbucks looked like this! Another fun find, we were randomly walking through a square to go to dinner and we saw a large crowd. We weren't sure what it was, as we got there it turns out it was just a one big party out in the middle of the plaza! I loved the Spanish laid back lifestyle, everything opens at 10am, and people stay up late having a great time on a Tuesday!
We didn't get to explore Plaza de EspaƱa,& Torre del Oro(Tower of Gold), named after the golden tiles that once adorned it, it is now a maritime museum.
If you have 2-3 days to spare, take your time and stroll through Seville and take in as much of its beauty as you can, because 6 years later I still dream of going back one day!


  1. AMAZING! Thank you so much for posting I can't wait to go :) I am really looking forward to exploring the Alcazar your pictures look amazing... I also can't get over how they have Starbucks! At least its in traditional architecture :p

    1. yay! glad you found it helpful! Seville is so'll love it!


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