San Diego: On our final day, we drove to Coronado Island. It is right across from the Gas Lamp District of trendy restaurants and night life. A short bridge takes you from the mainland to the island. We witnessed the most magnificent sunset, being reflected on San Diego skyline. The buildings changed colours from golden hues to candy coloured purple.
There are numerous restaurants on the island, you can walk on the pier, stop for ice cream and have a glamorous dinner to finish the day.

Just before leaving for Phoenix, we drove to La Jolla. To sum it up better, this is what is said about La Jolla; "La Jolla is one of the most popular beach destinations in California. Surrounded on three sides by the sea and backed by the steep slopes of Mt. Soledad, La Jolla's coastal profile and quaint village lifestyle evokes a Mediterranean feel"

We stopped for a quick breakfast at one of the cafes, and then opted for a quick stroll along the beach. Driving through the mansions of La Jolla is also a must! Beautiful Mexican inspired architecture, and no house looked like the next. Such a treat for a design lover like myself.

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