Home decor: Trends Agate, Gold & Emerald

It's trend spotting time! Yes, agate has been around for over a year now, even target did some wonderful pieces in faux look, but I just can not get enough of it. I love how it looks beautiful in it's original state or even just the print. I am especially in love with the cushion covers from West Elm (I bought both beige and the green one!). They of course have jewellery boxes and book ends!

1. Three colored covers from WestElm
2. Agate Trivet.cheese plate from Homesense (pic by me)
3,9. This is what I am really in love with, agate coasters, so elegant!
4. Pillow from WestElm (pic by me)
5,7. Jewellery box, West Elm
6. Bookends, West Elm
8. Marble scarf, in blush! from Indigo (pic by me)
10. Blush coasters + gold trim = perfection! 

My second favorite trend is Gold, it is so luxurious! And now there are more and more modern items on the market to incorporate into any decor theme, I have the star burst chandelier, and dying for the gold and white tray by Nate Berkus for Target!!

1. Gorgeous Gold chair, originally from "This is Glamourous"
2. Gold light fixture,I've bought something similar from Homesense
3. Gold Peacock Mirror (via Pinterest)
4. Gold Mirrored Tray from Target

And Emerald, even though Pantone has chosen another colour for another year, Emerald is not going anywhere! We are seeing it from furniture to accessories to kitchen cabinets!  It is such a vibrant and lively colour. I love that it is not masculine or feminine, so you can use it anywhere and in way you like! When in doubt green has always been my go to colour. It is so versatile, it brings a freshness to the room and depending on the shade can be calming, or full of energy!

1. Green Kitchen! via
2. Green Entrance, Lucknow, India via
3.Green Sofa, simply stunning! via
4. Peacock Tray from Indigo, few years old (pic by me)
5.I love everything about this setting..via 
6. Emerald Rug

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