I have been trying to be a little most organized this year. And for some reason I decided to start with the kitchen, it was like opening Pandora's box! I noticed I had all kinds of stuff in mason jars, old recycled pasta sauce jars, salsa jars, etc. First I had to get the labels off all the bottles, which was a breeze thanks to this Tip I found on Pinterest. And then the fun began!

1. Chalk Board paint, any colour you want!
2. Some paint brushes, can even use cheap sponge brushes (don't have to be fancy)
3. Jar lids

1. Paint the jars coarsely, as you will need a few coats
2. Repeat! (but wait about half hour to 1 hour to make sure first coat is fully dry)
3. I  found I needed about three coats
5. Let it dry for 24 hours
6. Label with chalk pen!

Easy as that, my pantry has never looked so oragnized and clean. (I do want to mention that this particular brand of paint is water based, so you can't exactly wash the lids. I have wiped them with damp cloth which is fine but I would recommend something more water resistant, such as Exterior paint.)

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